VMC Pathshala comes to your home with e-learning

If you are fed up of sending your kids for tuitions-here is some good news. VMC Pathshala now offers the entire Maharashtra State Board syllabus in both English and Marathi mediums– to make first class learning easy and fun. So say goodbye to tuitions and hello to your kid’s new Virtual tutor. VMC Pathshala product is designed for students of 1st to 10th Std. of SSC and CBSE Board for their studies in audio visual form. This product includes different DVDs of each standard separately. Each standard DVD is inclusive of all subjects covering whole syllabus for a particular year. VMC Pathshala is available in Marathi, English and Semi-English Medium.

E-learning is offering a new dimension to studying with more fun so that the process of learning not only offers education but also the boredom from it is taken out altogether. Online learning courses offered by VMC Pathshala are very dynamic, easy to use basis. This means that a student can switch to the lessons whenever he/she feels like it; at their convenience and speed. Due to the high internet speed and the general fast paced nature of today’s young learners, it is imperative that the education process also offers the suitability and flexibility that surrounds the all round growth of the student. Since the course is in audio-visual form, designed by eminent experts from the field of education, this course work offers the chance for the students be interactive with their lessons and understand the fundamentals easily.

As we all know, out of our 5 senses, the most powerful sense for storing information in to our brain is Vision Power. It helps storing 80% of the information in the brain through eyes. One can easily recollect a memorable situation or an incident or a story of a movie which he has seen long back. Similarly a student when learns a particular subject through VMC Pathshala , it gets fixed in his brain as it is in picture form. Children are very fond of cartoons, pictures, movies etc. Based on the same concept, VMC pathshala is designed in such a way that a child not only develops his interest towards studies but also spends more time for the same. When he watches Pathshala DVD, he only concentrates on the study given in the DVD due to its world class animation and pictorial effects.

Practical e-learning is best for a student to become a master of a particular subject. But if we see the ratio of number of students and teachers available to them, then we can conclude that it is hardly possible for a teacher to pay individual attention to each student and help him for the improvement. The audio-visual form of studies solves this problem and promotes individual and independent learning.

VMC also offers the flexibility that after purchasing of the product provides after sales service for 1 year in which if the syllabus gets changed then that will be replaced within the time frame. So now, VMC Pathshala comes to your homes to offers new, exciting learning solutions on an array of subjects with the added benefits of time saving, flexibility and fun learning. Now your children will look forward to their studies with renewed eager every time they are called into it. Enjoy education. Adapt VMC e-learning.