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Schools on Sarjapur Road- Hot Spots of Education in an Upcoming Locality!

Education is the prime facet of distinction in a man’s life with its all covering eminence in every walk of life. Today, a man is ready to spend any amount of money on the education of his children despite the financial restraints he is destined to face. All the rural and urban areas of a country are thronged by school and college goers who try to optimize the opportunities offered by the educational institutions in their surroundings. Bangalore is no exception to this rule. It has the privilege of a number of premier institutes spread all over the city with their task of imparting quality education to their students.

Sarjapur-an upcoming locality in the IT city/b>

Sarjapur, located towards the middle east of Bangalore is a place getting recognized for its proximity to IT corridors around Madiwala, ORR and Whitefield. People belonging to IT sectors throng this place for land investments and flat purchases so that their commutation to their workplace will be easy and traffic free. In such a scenario, schools, hospitals and other basic amenities have met with a terrific facelift in that area, due to the rising demands of people who wish to get settled in the place. Schools in Sarjapur road have faced a tremendous uplift in their growth with their multi patterns of syllabus and many faceted curricula.

There are International, ICSE, CBSE and State Board schools on Sarjapur road. They are all committed to the task of providing education in its best perspective to the young minds who join their institutions. Nursery schools and convent education are available in this locality to train the minds of students from their kindergarten and kindle their innate zeal for learning. The International and CBSE schools on Sarjapur road are bent upon tracing out the unique capability of each student in any of the streams of education he is interested in, by providing a holistic atmosphere which assures learning beyond classroom.

Schools in Sarjapur road have excellent infrastructure with spacious classrooms, exceptional science labs and various cultural and co curricular activities enthuse students in all aspects of learning and cull out the best abilities in them. They provide moral courage, strength of character and independent thinking with creative learning to enable their students to face Indian and global challenges in the future. The future pillars of the country are molded to the core to take the country in the right strides with their intellectual and creative potential through the training of such educational establishments.

In short, all schools in Bangalore including those of Sarjapur make it a mission to produce the best individuals for the country and the globe and thereby shape the rosy future of the world at length.

Ethical Hacking Workshop At Delhi Technological University,delhi

Ethical Hacking & Information Security Workshop at
Sunny Vaghela
Workshop Dates: 4th & 5th September,2010

Are you crazy about hacking??? Want to learn advanced ethical hacking ???
Then this is the right place for you to be…
This year DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY,DELHI organizes “HACXPLODE 2010″-Two days Workshop on Ethical Hacking and Information Security in association with Sunny Vaghela, Director & CTO of TechDefence Pvt. Ltd.
The workshop is specially designed by TechDefence in co-ordination with DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY,DELHI for aspiring hacking and information security geeks.
Workshop Highlights:
Live Demonstration of Latest Hacking Techniques & tools.
Live investigation Demonstration of various cases solved by Sunny Vaghela.
Personal Interaction with Sunny Vaghela.
Hands on Practice Sessions
Ethical Hacking Toolkit(Includes PowerPoint Presentations,Tools,Ebooks).

Key Points of TechDefence:

We have rich experience working on cases & training for Crime Branch, Ahmedabad,Nasik,Rajkot,Surat & Hyderabad.
Successfully Conducted more than 160 workshops & seminars for Students & Professionals across globe.
We helped Top Investigating Agencies to solve Cyber Terrorism Cases like Ahmedabad & Mumbai Blasts Cases.
We do not use third party tools. we have developed our Crypters, remote administration tools, Scripts etc.
Our Director & Trainer is supported by Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia.
Topper of Workshop will be offered CCSE ( Certified Cyber Security Expert) worth 15,000 INR.

Workshop contents:

Cyber Ethics
Information Gathering And Scanning
Email Hacking
Google Hacking
Mobile & VoIP Hacking
Wireless Hacking
Web Application Hacking
Cyber Crime Investigation
Cyber Law

Workshop package includes:

Workshop participation fee
TechDefence ethical hacking toolkit fee
CPH certification fee

Ethical hacking handouts
Examination fee

Workshop duration:
2 days (12 hours, 6 hours/day)

Workshop Trainer:
Sunny Vaghela (Director & CTO,TechDefence Pvt. Ltd.) – Sunny Vaghela is serial entrepreneur & has wide experience in the field ofEthical Hacking,Cyber Crime Investigation & Forensics.At the age of 17,Sunny found many loopholes in SMS & VoIP Technology.At 18,Sunny has found loopholes like Session Hijacking” & Cross Site Scripting in popular social networking website orkut.com. At 19 Sunny Vaghela has been awarded by Rajiv Gandhi Young Achiever Award as IT Expert of Gujarat.At 20, He has solved more than 16 cases in association with Crime Branch,Ahmedabad. He traced out origin of Terror Email Trail of Ahmedabad Serial Bomb Blasts.He also helped Mumbai Police to get information on jamat ud dawah after Mumbai Terror Attacks.He has addressed more than 160 IT security conferences/Workshops at National & International Level all across Globe.He has trained professionals from many reputed Companies like Google,Yahoo!,ISACA,Temenos,ZOHO, Delloitte,K7 Antivirus,TCS,HCL,Sify & many Co-operative Banks of India.At 21, He is founder & Chief Technical Officer of TechDefence Pvt Ltd which is rapidly growing IT Security Training & Consulting Organization focusing on Cyber Crime Investigation,Cyber Law Consulting,Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing.

To know more about Sunny Vaghela please visit www.sunnyvaghela.com
To know more about TechDefence,kindly log on to www.techdefence.com

Workshop Venue:


Workshop Fees:
Rs.800/- per participant.


If you have any queries please feel free to contact:
Ankush Mukul,
Mobile: +91 9723373375
Email: [emailprotected]

For other queries,workshop and accommodation related kindly contact workshop coordinators:
Name: Kartik Reddy
Contact Number: 09899842459
Name: Subhanshu
Contact Number: 09873749968

Major Achievements In It Education In India

The norms of IT education in India have been quite improved. Today, India can boast as one of the preferred study centers for IT education to the rest of the world. With a big leap in the economic sector, Indian IT education has also observed a radical change. There have been various major achievements in IT education in India. Indian IT institutes at present have evolved out and revamped the over all trend of IT education in the entire country. Some major achievements in IT education sector in India are discussed here under-

First and foremost, most of the IT institutes provide provision for enterprise training in India. Enterprise training in India is significant for both IT and non IT students. This particular facility helps IT students to launch their career on the right track with the right study program.

Secondly, industrial training in India is one striking facility provided in the reputed IT institutes in the country. IT institutes which provide industrial training in India ensure the quality and standard of IT study to the trainees. Besides industrial training, provision for corporate training in India is also provided to IT students. Facility for corporate training in India can groom the professional skill of the students while undergoing their technical study program.

Another major achievement in IT education in India is the facility for Cisco Certification. Cisco Certification ensures trainees that they have undergone a standard IT training program from a reputed IT institute. Cisco Certification is mostly provided during course certification. Course Certification is the final assurance to the students that they have successfully completed a particular IT training program and have cleared all the related exams and formalities.

Post-training or course certification, there is no dearth for jobs in the market for IT passed outs. It depends upon the study program of a particular individual to choose his own discipline adhering to his skills. So, as an IT passed out (and as per the related study program,) one can become a software engineer or a system administration or a network engineer. System administration comes under hardware program and the discipline revolves around the knowledge of the underlying hardware platform and also requires significant knowledge of the particular operating system used by that server.

With the growing need for skill development in India, IT education has undeniably achieved various milestones over the years. Students have an open choice to choose the desired field of IT study i.e. program for software, hardware or networking study. With an outbreak in the study for enhanced skill development in India, IT education has in fact scrutinized a radical growth.

Need of Computer Education in Today’s scenario.

In this article , we will discuss the need of Computer Education for human beings. How it affects our daily routine or what is the importance of computer for making our Career. As in Today’s scenario, the use of computer or technology can be seen here and there whether it is schools, colleges, companies, engineering, constructions, marketing or even at the grocery stores. Manufacturing of almost all the products are computerized, billing, ticketing at railways etc. are computerized. Means the keys of success or the best career opportunities are revolving around the Computers or Technology. Computer Education certificates, diplomas or degrees prepare individuals to work in the field of IT (Information Technology) or enhance individual’s technical skills for other career areas which rely heavily upon computers as a tool. IT has long been a fast-growing and in-demand career field and offer a variety of degrees to prepare individuals for various careers. The field of education encompasses a wide variety of career paths and can prepare individuals to be programmers, software developers, systems analysts, database administrators, or computer scientists. Some areas of computer education are more artistic or creative in nature and may focus on animation, game design, graphic design, or web design.

In continuation of these aspects of computer education, there are a lot of schools, institutes or online services which provide computer education you in easy and economical mode. No doubt , these can be in your reach and easy to access, before approaching them, you must remember one thing that why you are doing so, means what is your aim to do so. If your aim is clear, then confirm that the course done from that particular institute is beneficial for you. The Institute is providing you all the basic faculties, facilities or certification which will be beneficial for you in the advancement of your career.

Many computer schools offer basic IT Certifications in specific operating systems like Linux or basic networking technologies. Certification programs can take less than a year to complete and prepare individuals for entry-level networking or programming jobs. Associate degrees are also offered and tend to take two years to complete and prepare graduates for jobs as systems analysts, database administrators, or middle level design positions. An increasing number of positions are being filled by graduates who hold bachelor’s or even master’s degrees in computer science or related fields. Most programmers hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming. High-level positions at companies that direct game or software development typically require a bachelor’s and often a master’s in this area.


Careers in this area continue to be one of fastest growing fields. With increasing business dependence upon technology, individuals who can keep networks and software running are in high demand. Furthermore, the gaming industry continues to be the highest grossing entertainment industry. Computer education can help you get skills necessary to be a part of this lucrative and exciting field. Whether you are hoping to start a career in IT or simply returning to add a new certification to a resume, these schools can help fill any computer education needs. CITC – an Institute for providing computer education helps you to make career in field of IT and computers on basis of franchise.

B Tech And M Tech Distance Education Courses In India

Gone are the days when it was mandatory to attend classed daily to obtain a professional degree. Now, top distance education universities in India offer distance education courses in B.Tech and M.Tech. You can enroll to these courses through online or submission of offline application forms, based on the university that you wish to apply. There are a number of institutions in India offering this Distance Education facility.

The admission procedure is also not very complicated. Part time B.Tech courses offers you the flexibility of joining either in the first year or directly in the second year through lateral entry. To join laterally, you have to submit the proof of completing diploma course. You can also choose a discipline different from the one that you chose in diploma. Part time education is a boon to all working professionals, who can take up classes during weekends. This especially gives lot of convenience to those who wish to do their M.Tech course, by working simultaneously.

Courses Offered:
The disciplines offered under B. Tech and M.Tech courses is wide and you can choose the one which best suits you. Top engineering courses like ECE, EEE, CSE, IT, Civil and much more are offered at top distance education universities in India. The range of courses is even wider in case of M.Tech. Apart from regular courses, research course is also offered under part time education. You have to take up an entrance exam to get an admission into research courses.

Duration of Course:
The duration of course in most of the distance education university is similar to other universities. It is of the duration of four years in case of B.Tech and two years in case of M.Tech. The examination is of semester pattern, with a total of eight semesters for B.Tech and four semesters for M.Tech course. In some top distance education universities in India, credit rating system is followed for the entire course. You can choose the credits that you wish to take up for each semester. In this way, part time courses offer you a greater flexibility to balance with your professional career.

Career Prospects:
The most important question which may haunt you before taking up course in any distance education university will be about the career prospects, after completing the course. In case of part time B.Tech and M.Tech courses taken up through distance learning, offers you all prospects similar to the regular courses. It is important just to check if the institution offering distance education is recognized and is established under U.G.C. Act. If that is true, then you can apply for any job under the central or state government with the degree obtained from that university.

Mumbai-A Place for Splashy Education Embedded with Values!

Holistic education along with academics is the latest trend of the day. All cities of India take care of this factor and try their maximum in imparting education on these lines. Mumbai’s educational industry is no exception and shows its worth in the field with top ranking schools that are par excellence for their quality education and cultural activities mixed into it.

Mumbai schools-Top class category for their seamless qualities/b>

Top 10 schools in Mumbai are reckoned for their first class education provided with a background of stimulating individualistic thinking capacities for the students to awaken and reinvent themselves. They extend a learning atmosphere that infuses a harmony into the students’ minds to find themselves in union with their academic and other layers of intelligence. It is an overall personality growth of the learners these institutions aim at and they accomplish this mission without any setback. Hence these establishments are popular and notable in the field, despite their age old survival in the front of education, as they have proven themselves as adaptable to the changing trends of the times.

The best school in Mumbai has coveted that high rank with much hard work and perseverance so that it stands apart from other schools that do not come into picture. The sterling aspects that distinguish such an organization from others are the technical prudence, versatile teaching community, friendly and transparent approach towards students, the scope for multifarious cultural activities, inculcation of worthy life skills and problem solving skills in learners and international standards of the infrastructure. Any best school in Mumbai is IT enabled with all latest technological support like interactive boards, big television screens, laptop facilities in the library for browsing purposes and minimizing paper work with its tech introduction.

All the top 10 schools in Mumbai take initiative to spur up the innate talents of the students from their budding stage to develop them into full shape to create future artists, scientists, analysts and mathematicians through their students. They are unbending in their ideals of nurturing human values like brotherhood, unity and fraternity among students through their strict yet kind academic measures. Some schools undertake social work and community services to make the students aware of the values of forming a flawless society in order to frame a future that would speak in the glory of a united society that will work hard for the advancement of their country.

It is the culmination of innovative efforts mingled with care for individual needs pertaining to students’ aspirations that has made Mumbai schools make many advanced strides in the field of education.

Case Study Self-service Password Management At University Of California, San Francisco

Customer Profile:

University of California, San Francisco

The IT Department supports Windows and Mac users at a dozen different sites

Number of users: 17,000

NetWrix Products Implemented: NetWrix Password Manager


The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is a leading university dedicated to defining health worldwide through advanced biomedical research, graduate-level education in the life sciences and health professions, and excellence in patient care. A group of about one hundred IT professionals at UCSF drive IT activities daily, managing the University’s networking environment. They support almost 17,000 Windows and Mac users at more than a dozen different sites belonging to the University.

As a part of their security improvement program, the IT team at UCSF implemented stronger password policies. Eventually, this created many password incidents and increased support costs, so the IT team sought a way to minimize these costs while maintaining a convenient environment for users.

Challenge: Strong Password Policies Introduced New Support Costs

The IT team spent a great deal of time answering support calls from users who needed to reset their passwords. This routine work consumed a significant amount of time that would have been better spent on other IT projects. Of course, the IT team could have hired more personnel to handle these incidents, but budget constraints did not allow for this expensive resolution. Thus, the team needed to find a solution that could help them survive the new security requirements.

Solution: Automated Password Management

The UCSF IT team turned to Password Manager to solve the above-mentioned problem. This product gives end users the ability to securely troubleshoot their password-related issues without the help of IT professionals or the IT help desk. This allows organizations to implement strong password policies in their Active Directory environments, while keeping costs at the same level. Thanks to Password Manager, when users cannot log in or access network resources, instead of picking up the phone and disturbing the IT department, they can use a Web browser or log on prompt to perform necessary actions with their user accounts, that is, resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, and even determining the reason accounts became locked out.

“We couldn’t wait any longer to spend our time on routine work and were seeking solutions for Web-based password resets,” said Kraig Kluba, the manager of the Windows Server Support Team. “We chose NetWrix Password Manager, and that was the right decision. All of our users, including those using Macs, are able to handle their passwords with no hassle, and now we don’t even care how many incidents happen daily.” “Password Manager was a big step to increasing productivity and security,” Kraig said. “I see a perfect fit without any extra complications. Moreover, product support is great: I can’t wait to tell them how appreciative we are of their responsiveness.”

About NetWrix Corporation

Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that simplify and automate the management of Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge and experience managing Windows environments of all sizes, the company delivers solutions to meet complicated business requirements while fulfilling the best expectations of IT professionals.

Contacting NetWrix

Contact Information:

phone: (888) 638-9749 (toll-free)

fax: (201) 490-8838



Postal Address:

NetWrix Corporation

#36593 PO Box 10188

Newark, New Jersey, 07101-0018

Contacting NetWrix Support

Support service is available to customers who have a trial version of a NetWrix product or who have purchased a commercial version and have a valid maintenance contract.

Contact NetWrix Support at:

(888) 638-9749 ext. 1

Jobs In Pune Offer A Lucrative Career Growth

Being the second largest city of Maharashtra, its also inevitably known as automotive capital of India as the city houses some of the largest manufacturing units of top automobile companies of the world. Jobs in Pune are actually confined in software and manufacturing sectors. A look at history of the city reveals many fascinating facts about the city. Earlier known as Poona, the city was inevitably known as `Queen of Deccan’. One of the major factors which has led to the growth of jobs in Pune are its famous educational institutes since the colonial era which even today attracts India’s highest talent pool. Finance jobs in Pune have been successful in attracting a wide spectrum of young talent.

Educational institutes in Pune:

Because of excellent infrastructure facility, many new career institutes in Pune have come up. With numerous universities affiliated to Pune university,as–Bharati Vidyapeeth, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics and Symbiosis International Education Centre makes Pune the first choice for top head hunters of India. Also the establishment of many research centers in the city, has opened up many avenues for jobs in Pune. Major research houses of the city such as– National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), MACS, Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), National Institute of Virology (NIV), are well reckoned at international level for high end use of technology and skilled manpower.

Recent statistics reveals that in the coming next years, the famous Lavale area of Pune district will be developed into countrys biggest education hub. IT jobs in Pune have received a great boost as many IT parks in the city have come up. These IT companies provides specialized services in the different fields such as– Software Development, Networking Solutions, Medical transcription, Application Development and Maintenance,Storage Management,Data protection, Disaster Recovery.

Colleges in Pune:

Unlike a few years back, nursing wasn’t seen as a lucrative career in India but with the establishment of nursing colleges in Pune which brought in highly specialized courses in this stream. Its now a good career option for many. With the passage of time, numerous nursing jobs in Pune are offered as soon as the students pass out of the colleges . Among the famous nursing colleges in Pune, mention needs to be made of Bharati Vidpeeth`S College Of Nursing. Established in 1992, this college of nursing is known for its wide array for medical courses too.

Job search in Pune is not quite difficult as there are many recruitment agencies spread all through the city offering good assistance in securing a good job in top companies of their choice. Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) in Pune set up in 1948 is regarded as one of the best medical colleges in India. This college offers specialized courses such as–Postgraduate Training,Graduate Wing,Commissioning Ceremony and Nursing Training. All the courses offered by AFMC are recognized by the University of Pune and Medical Council of India (MCI). Like other jobs in India, airlines jobs in Pune offers good compensation package too.

Saudi Arabia Education Sector Set To Drive Economic Development

According to a new research report by RNCOS, Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to 2017, the education sector in Saudi Arabia is attracting huge investments by the government. Government is focusing on making kindergarten, which earlier was not mandatory to attend, an integral part of the education sector. Moreover, it is also focusing on higher education and technical & vocational courses in order to fulfill the skill based needs of the market. e-learning and distance education are also witnessing rapid developments to meet the needs of people who cannot attend regular classes. Further, special education and adult education segment is also being focused upon by the government.

Research Analysis & Highlights

The report, Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to 2017, by RNCOS which is spread in 90 pages provides an in-depth research and rational analysis of the education sector in Saudi Arabia. It briefly explains the educational model in the country. The report covers exhaustive analysis on the potential requirement of kindergarten, primary, intermediate, secondary, and special education segments to accommodate anticipated student enrollment during the forecast period. It also delves into the aspect of number of schools, academic staffs, and administrative staffs required during academic year 2011-12 to 2016-17 for the same.

Additionally, the overall study also provides the current and future scenario of technical/vocational and higher education segments of the kingdom. A brief overview of adult education, e-learning market and distance education has also been covered in the report. Major drivers along with an overview of the regulatory environment prevailing in the education sector of the country have also been provided in the report.

Some of the reports key highlights include:

– Higher Education sector is attracting huge investments from the government.
– Demand for Skill-Based workforce providing boost to Technical & Higher Education
– Several e-learning providers are making efforts to boost e-learning in the country.
– Kindergarten Education is becoming a prime focus of the government.

For FREE SAMPLE of this report visit:

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