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Schools on Sarjapur Road- Hot Spots of Education in an Upcoming Locality!

Education is the prime facet of distinction in a man’s life with its all covering eminence in every walk of life. Today, a man is ready to spend any amount of money on the education of his children despite the financial restraints he is destined to face. All the rural and urban areas of a country are thronged by school and college goers who try to optimize the opportunities offered by the educational institutions in their surroundings. Bangalore is no exception to this rule. It has the privilege of a number of premier institutes spread all over the city with their task of imparting quality education to their students.

Sarjapur-an upcoming locality in the IT city/b>

Sarjapur, located towards the middle east of Bangalore is a place getting recognized for its proximity to IT corridors around Madiwala, ORR and Whitefield. People belonging to IT sectors throng this place for land investments and flat purchases so that their commutation to their workplace will be easy and traffic free. In such a scenario, schools, hospitals and other basic amenities have met with a terrific facelift in that area, due to the rising demands of people who wish to get settled in the place. Schools in Sarjapur road have faced a tremendous uplift in their growth with their multi patterns of syllabus and many faceted curricula.

There are International, ICSE, CBSE and State Board schools on Sarjapur road. They are all committed to the task of providing education in its best perspective to the young minds who join their institutions. Nursery schools and convent education are available in this locality to train the minds of students from their kindergarten and kindle their innate zeal for learning. The International and CBSE schools on Sarjapur road are bent upon tracing out the unique capability of each student in any of the streams of education he is interested in, by providing a holistic atmosphere which assures learning beyond classroom.

Schools in Sarjapur road have excellent infrastructure with spacious classrooms, exceptional science labs and various cultural and co curricular activities enthuse students in all aspects of learning and cull out the best abilities in them. They provide moral courage, strength of character and independent thinking with creative learning to enable their students to face Indian and global challenges in the future. The future pillars of the country are molded to the core to take the country in the right strides with their intellectual and creative potential through the training of such educational establishments.

In short, all schools in Bangalore including those of Sarjapur make it a mission to produce the best individuals for the country and the globe and thereby shape the rosy future of the world at length.

Is Education Interesting

Thinking is a powerful faculty of human mind. Education is a powerful tool to progress. We are living in an era in which education has become a stressful area of life for both children and parents. The need to excel and emerge victorious is every parent’s goal as much as it is for the child. The competition spirit is far exceeding the limits of endurance and reasonableness as more and more children feel stressed out and like a failure if they don’t get high grades while the benchmark for high grades only keeps increasing.

Even the best CBSE school or a top international school is primarily measured with the yardstick of its academic performance, or in other words, through ranks and such systems. There is no wrong in it, in fact this the mark of how good the educational institution is as a choice. But the method in which education in imparted and the systems being implemented differs within each group of the so-called acclaimed institutions. What sets apart the healthy mode of learning is the factors stressed upon during education.

Preschool education is often ignored or treated merely as a play school learning. But it is the basic and building block of the student’s interaction with learning, and is therefore of immense importance. If you look at the best matriculation school in Chennai or a top higher secondary school in Mumbai or any other competent school within the city, the learning curriculum may be similar or same. Developing a humane attitude and instilling in the child’s mind about education as a need and an interesting means to personal development is the point of true success for a school.

While most schools do not succeed, even if they do at the obvious & surface levels, there are sadly only a few which actually make an impact in encouraging children towards stress-free education and making education interesting for them. Only the best of faculty can really train the minds to think. All of us have both good and bad things to say about the educational system. But we do not take steps to make the good things better and converting the bad things into good. The lion’s share of economic progress may be attributed to education. The awareness created by education makes for analysis and utilization of better opportunities. Good investments too are the results of wise learning. It is therefore the oil for the wheel of progress.

To curb the trend of increasing numbers of students’ suicides and to make education interesting to children, they need to be first taught to appreciate knowledge and learning as an activity. Children should be treated with respect as growing individuals and not as high-score brewing machines. Their unique talents or inclinations to a healthy and creative aspect of one’s personality has to be appreciated and allowed to be developed. Only a well-experienced teacher can bring out the best resources of a student and help him or her identify strengths and lacking nodes. Atleast 90% of us would agree to the fact that we never found education interesting during our schooldays, irrespective of whether 10 years or 50 years back. It was always either a role-model teacher or a teacher friend who made us realize the value of education and helped us understand the seemingly insurmountable subjects. To some of us it could have been mathematics, to a few others it could have been science and so on.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world. Making it nobler is the power of teaching fraternity. Systems, practices and attitude of imparting education can make a significant change and influence students’ lives. This change can emerge to be a sea change in shaping the tomorrow of the child and the society in which he or she lives in and will continue to be a part of. Thus it becomes a social responsibility rather a collective one to make education interesting to children so that they do not stop with asking questions but also arrive at the answers themselves, with proper guidance in the right direction.

Find Good Schools in Bangalore for your bright child

Bangalore is a place of professionals where people love to work in multinational companies. There is nothing to worry if one has to relocate to Bangalore for work reasons. They can bring the family with them as schools in Mysore Road Bangalore are amazing in quality. These schools have an International standard of education and has all the facilities a child is required for a good upbringing.

You should not worry about getting admission in CBSE schools in Mysore Road as there are seats for the parents having to transfer for their job requirements. The schools take short admission tests and allow the child to start studying in his appropriate class right away. The staff, teachers and support people associated with these schools are very talented and qualified. They will do their best to give your child the right kind of education.on.

Schools in Mysore Road in Bangalore are easy to locate. Check out the prospectus found on the respective websites and carry out the necessities required for getting your child admitted. The staff will help you with the procedure. The transfer certificate from the previous school will speed up the admission procedure.

CBSE schools in Mysore Road are affiliated under the Union Government of India and has a good syllabus. The curriculum will enable your child to be with the times. The examinations conducted by the Board will occur at the same time all over India. Children will not lag behind in studies if they have to transfer from one CBSE school in one part of the country to another. Both public and private schools come under this board. Children from all kinds of families can avail this high quality education.

The classrooms are large and well equipped with all possible things needed for giving good quality training in all subjects. Every subject of study is given equal importance. The children are given personal care and attention. Parents and teachers’ meetings are called at periodic basis to check the progress of the children. The schools also offer many extra curriculum activities for the benefits of the children. Children love to take part in recreational clubs like dancing, singing, painting, crafts, swimming and other sports. The schools have large playgrounds for the children to play during the lunch and recess hours. High quality security is maintained in the schools so that no children get hurt while running around and playing here and there.

Be assured of all round development of the child if he studies in such schools in Mysore Road.

Battle of the Boards, ICSE Board Schools vs. CBSE Board Schools

Picking the best board schools for a kid leaves most parents in jitters. Since the right education system plays a substantial role in building up a child’s career goals and achievements, it is extremely essential that every parent should think twice before making any enrolment. Even a minor mistake in the selection of board schools can ruin a kid’s life forever. So, the most eerie question arises is – which board school is better for a child, ICSE or CBSE? And the answer is, though both the boards are self-financing educational institutions but they have a different syllabus, education pattern and examinations. Thus, one should understand the system first and then make any verdict. Parents should not blunder by clubbing them together. This article will help you realize the difference between ICSE board schools and CBSE board schools in India precisely.

CBSE board schools: CBSE (Central Board of secondary Education) board is highly popular in India because its education pattern is the oldest. Moreover, if by chance your child decides to travel abroad, they will have no issues in higher studies due to the number of CBSE pattern schools found there. When it comes to score good grades in any national level examinations such as engineering and medical field, selecting CBSE board schools will be the ideal option because it focuses more on maths and science subjects. The exceptional thing about the CBSE board schools in India is that the professors are highly experienced and skilled. They work vigorously in finding the young talents. Moreover, all the major competitive examinations like IIT-JEE – Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination, AIEEE – All India Engineering Entrance Examination, AIPMT – All India Pre Medical Test in India are based on the CBSE syllabus. CBSE approves both the languages – Hindi and English. CBSE board school in India permits regular students as well as private candidates from non-affiliated schools to appear in exams.

ICSE Board Schools ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) board syllabus is comprehensive and gives equal importance to every field – science, maths, languages, arts, home science, cookery, fashion design and agriculture. This board focuses more in offering practical knowledge to the students so that they can gain better knowledge understanding of subject and learn better analytic skills. The good thing about the ICSE schools is that the students can choose different subjects as per their interests. Students who desire to pursue their career in the management streams should opt for ICSE board schools because its subjects and methodology are designed in that manner. ICSE board schools do not recommend Hindi language. The certificates provided by the ICSE board are globally valid. Thus, if your child desires to complete his/her education in any foreign country, most foreign education system will accept his certificates. The common but the great factor between the CBSE and ICSE board is that both provides excellent quality education to their students.

Doon Public School Sivasagar District A Best Education Place

Doon Public School Assam is located in Sivasagar district of Assam state. The school has an imposing brick structure and has the state-of-the-art facilities. The school is presently celebrating its 30th year of service to the nation. The school has also introduced Computer Aided Learning that makes teaching and learning more effective. The School was also the first school in India to have Computer Aided Teaching and Learning through Smart Class using Plasma Screens with Smart Assessment System (SAS).

Doon Public School Assam is affiliated to the CBSE. The school has acquired excellent Board results over the years. The students of the school have performed commendably in the CBSE exam. The students of these schools find places in prestigious professional colleges.

The school follows a modern philosophy of education. The school holds a mirror to a bright and resplendent future. The mission of the school is to impart quality education and enable students to pursue excellence in the field of their choice. At Doon Public School Assam, it is ensured that the students get proper physical, mental and moral growth. Here the students get to enlarge their mental horizons. They also get an opportunity to inculcate a habit of reading. Aesthetic sense is also inculcated in the students.

The students get to participate in co-curricular activity that helps them to be innovative, independent and confident. The school has Smart Technology Empowered Classrooms that uses Plasma Screens with Smart Assessment System (SAS) in all the classes.

The system is such designed that students get to answer Multiple Choice Questions. The SAS is benefitting the students as in the long run, they are learning to increase their speed and mental alertness during examinations. Other facilities provided at Doon Public School Assam include well-equipped Labs – Physics, Chemistry and Biology, well stocked Library, Mathematics Lab, There is also a knowledge centre with Internet Access, CDROM Library and Server. The Server provides Intranet connection to all the classrooms.

There are also Music and Dance Rooms. Students at Doon Public School Assam can also learn instrumental music on the keyboard, guitar, violin, tabla, flute, mandolin, harmonium etc. Other sports which the students can learn include basketball, volleyball, football, cricket and badminton. Students also get to learn Yoga, Aerobics and Martial Arts. The students also get to learn Taekwondo, Roller Skating, Athletics and Play swings. There is also a well-equipped gymnasium. Students also get to play Gymnasium, Table Tennis, Chess and other Indoor games.

You can submit online application for child to school at onlineschooladmissions.com and save your time, as only for this work a parent need to go two times in a school and after that if his forms get rejection then his all the hard work goes wasted, while at OSA he can save his hard work to go wasted.

The writer of this article is a school adviser in OnlineSchoolAdmissions.com and providing free of cost consultancy to parents and schools for fast and easy online school admissions in the top schools in India as per their choice. Parents can look for nursery schools list on the site from where they can get information about Doon Public School.

Icse – Giving An Added Advantage

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) examination is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, a private, non-governmental board of school education in India, for class 10, i.e., grade 10. It has been designed to provide an examination in a course of general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986 (India), through the medium of English. Private candidates are not permitted to appear for this examination.

In subjects where there is more than one paper, the average of all papers in the subject is taken into account for calculations. The candidates appearing for the examination thereby have to study seven subjects, with the number of papers varying from 1 to 3 in each subject. Depending upon the subjects, it makes for a total of 8-12 papers. The ICSE coursework forms a preparatory ground for students to engage in individual assignments that paves the way for better achievement level at the +3 level, wherein all the tutorials are based on research. In short, the students with ICSE have an edge. Numerous schools across have adopted ICSE syllabus in their curriculum. In fact, several schools internationally too have ICSE curriculum to cater to many Indians.

The ICSE board follows the idea of strengthening the basics. Unlike in CBSE, as a student moves to a higher grade in ICSE, he or she has to bank upon the basics learned in the previous classes. For instance, in CBSE system, once complex numbers is briefly taught to the students, it is not repeated in the higher grades. However, in an ICSE system, the entire introduction is repeated before moving towards more complex quadratic equations. In fact, even questions are based on the basics. In this manner, the basics of the topic are strengthened, which in turn helps the student to gain a lot of confidence when he or she engages in higher studies. Since his basics are strong, half the job is accomplished. In the examinations under ICSE syllabus, there is a sense of balance between the objective as well as descriptive questions. In these examinations, both have equal weightage or importance. One important distinguishing feature of the ICSE syllabus is the importance given to projects. Projects are extremely significant and they shape the basis of marking system in the performance of the student. This makes the student exceptionally dynamic and it improves his thinking capability.