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How To Feel Good About Yourself

Ever feel like you want to lay in bed all day and not face the world? Sometimes it’s easy to hide away from your problems, but it is best to face them head on. Whatever the reason may be, it is time to motivate yourself and feel good in the skin you are in!

Nowadays it is easy to compare our success and failures to those around us. This act can not only be destructive to your self esteem, but also does not benefit you at all. It is ok to look at others accomplishments and aspire to achieve great things, but it is unhealthy to compare  yourself to others in a negative fashion. Instead of thinking about those around you, focus on yourself and your goals. Make a list of your best qualities and a list of the qualities that you would like to work and/or acquire. It is ok to admit you have weaknesses, but use the admittance to help you change them!

Besides focusing on yourself to help you on the path of feeling good about yourself, think about things you may want to change about yourself. Do you feel like you are living a healthy lifestyle? Do you want to be more active? Do you want to try a new look? Whatever it may be, now is the time to do it! If you feel like changing up your lifestyle to become more healthy then figure out what kind of activities you could try. Perhaps join your local gym and attend some fitness classes to get your blood pumping! If you think that you want to try a new look or revamp your wardrobe then head on over to the nearest mall. Stylists at stores will love to help you pick out some new clothing and accessories! A great store that has lots of clothing for men, women, and children is True Religion. If you want to save money while shopping check out Groupon Coupons to save at True Religion!

Overall feeling good about yourself should be a priority in your life! You should wake up every morning ready to seize the day. Follow the advice above and you will be on your way to feeling great!

Joe Sloboda of Exclusive Visas on another EB-5 Education Tour in China

August 24, 2011-Joe Sloboda, and expert on Exclusive Visas EB-5 consulting team will be engaging in a 6 city education tour in China this upcoming week. The primary focus of the tour will be to promote the benefits of the American EB-5 visa program, which provides a road to permanent residency for foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to the United States. The EB-5 visa is secured via an investment of $500,000 into preapproved projects by the USCIS geared towards creating jobs for American residents.

The United States EB5 Visa program is a Federally approved immigration program that provides conditional green cards to qualified foreign investors who choose to invest in specific U.S. companies. These investments are used to create no less than 10 full time jobs in the United States for U.S. residents while providing an investment opportunity to the foreign applicant.

Joe Sloboda along with his team of experts has travelled to China to meet and to introduce the EB-5 Regional Center, -The Florida Regional Center- and speak about the highlights of one of this Regional Center’s current development projects called Harbourside Project. The Harbourside project is a commercial retail, restaurant, and hotel development which, when completed in 2013, will be the new -Town Center- of Jupiter, Florida.

The cities Joe Sloboda will be hosting the presentation in are the following:

Qingdao – August 24th & August 25th
Beijing – August 26th & August 27th
Nanning – August 28th
Shenzhen – August 29th
Macau – August 30th
Dongguan – August 31st

Following the presentations, the Joe Sloboda along with The Florida Regional Center, will host several dinners to further engage investors and allow them an opportunity to ask any personal questions or concerns they may have.

If you are interested in learning more about the EB-5 Visa program or in attending one of the available meetings in China, please contact Fred Burgess or Joe Sloboda of Exclusive Visas at +1-954-727-9800 or via email at


Contact Information
Franchesca Delfino
Exclusive Visas


For more information about eb5 experts, eb-5 regional center, and eb5 program through investment please visit

eINDIA 2013 – Creating Excellence in School Education and the Role of ICT

eINDIA 2013 – Creating Excellence in School Education and the Role of ICT

Our upcoming event::

FIPS(Financial Inclusion and Payment System)on 24-25 October Please visit ::

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Elets Technomedia is a technology media and research company that focuses on ICT in government, education, healthcare, agriculture and rural development sectors. Our mandate is to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across our verticals through premier print publications, online portals and premier events, seminars, conferences and summits. Elets has created a name for itself as a technology media and research vendor of choice.


To strengthen and facilitate knowledge sharing platforms engaging with partners across the globe through International conferences to provide cross-cultural grounding to stakeholders and participants To provide stakeholders with a platform to share models of best practice, knowledge and experience on a range of issues in the domain of ICT in Governance, Education, Health, security, Urban and Rural Development To mobilise the communities towards creating a digitally informed knowledge society based on shared understanding

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b) provide knowledge exchange fora and

c) conduct research projects, primarily through Events & Conferences.

Why Scholarships Are Important

Scholarships are the amount of money that is given or cut in fees of students on some spatial basis. Various institutes all over the world provide scholarships for students, based on performances in exams or in some other cases as arias, finance or family backgrounds.

Scholarships are the financial help to the students for their studies. Most of the time scholarships are given based on performances. It is a kind of reward for brilliant students as the reductions of fees or direct financial help. Institute provides scholarships to uplift the level of education and to make it easy for brilliant students to get higher education at low cost.

Higher education is getting more and more costly now a days. Sometimes it gets even out of reach for a certain class of people. Scholarships provide the opportunity to the students of those classes to reach up to that higher education, without caring about big amounts of fees. Sometimes students have to earn money for their own expenses besides the fees of the institutes, in such cases scholarships helps a lot.

In countries, where higher studies are not world class, students tends to go abroad for studies, sometimes because of differences of currencies it becomes a big problem for them, most of the world class institutes provides scholarships for outsider students on the basis of certain exams which help students study abroad. Most of the excellent engineering, medical, business, arts and other institutes provide scholarships. As in U.S.A., all big educational institutes have scholarships for outsider students as well as excellent home country students.

Not only for higher level, but for now almost every educational institute has scholarship programs in different forms. Those programs help in raising education level and provide opportunity for performers. Almost all governmental institutes have scholarship programs to help performers in which government provides money to feed excellence in the country. World over big educational institutes have various scholarship programs and now it is a regular phenomena for all kinds of institutes.

Besides performance in examinations there are some more criteria in which scholarships are provided as there are scholarships for handicaps, scholarships for poor students, scholarships for military background students, scholarships for outsider students and scholarships on the basis of personal earnings (students without financial support of any kind).

Scholarships are always given to certain students on some spatial basis; there are three basic reasons for it:

Giving reward to performers so performance is appreciated and others are given motivation to perform.

Helping students, which are financially incapable, but academically excellent.

Honoring some families from spatial backgrounds (as in military)

Scholarship is a very good system for studies as now importance of studies, spatially higher studies, is regularly increasing. In such case, if there are students, which have excellent qualities but are unable to pay heavy fees, will not be able to study than it will be a big loss of human resource. On the other hand scholarships provides motivation to all kinds of students and establish the importance of studies.

Schools on Sarjapur Road- Hot Spots of Education in an Upcoming Locality!

Education is the prime facet of distinction in a man’s life with its all covering eminence in every walk of life. Today, a man is ready to spend any amount of money on the education of his children despite the financial restraints he is destined to face. All the rural and urban areas of a country are thronged by school and college goers who try to optimize the opportunities offered by the educational institutions in their surroundings. Bangalore is no exception to this rule. It has the privilege of a number of premier institutes spread all over the city with their task of imparting quality education to their students.

Sarjapur-an upcoming locality in the IT city/b>

Sarjapur, located towards the middle east of Bangalore is a place getting recognized for its proximity to IT corridors around Madiwala, ORR and Whitefield. People belonging to IT sectors throng this place for land investments and flat purchases so that their commutation to their workplace will be easy and traffic free. In such a scenario, schools, hospitals and other basic amenities have met with a terrific facelift in that area, due to the rising demands of people who wish to get settled in the place. Schools in Sarjapur road have faced a tremendous uplift in their growth with their multi patterns of syllabus and many faceted curricula.

There are International, ICSE, CBSE and State Board schools on Sarjapur road. They are all committed to the task of providing education in its best perspective to the young minds who join their institutions. Nursery schools and convent education are available in this locality to train the minds of students from their kindergarten and kindle their innate zeal for learning. The International and CBSE schools on Sarjapur road are bent upon tracing out the unique capability of each student in any of the streams of education he is interested in, by providing a holistic atmosphere which assures learning beyond classroom.

Schools in Sarjapur road have excellent infrastructure with spacious classrooms, exceptional science labs and various cultural and co curricular activities enthuse students in all aspects of learning and cull out the best abilities in them. They provide moral courage, strength of character and independent thinking with creative learning to enable their students to face Indian and global challenges in the future. The future pillars of the country are molded to the core to take the country in the right strides with their intellectual and creative potential through the training of such educational establishments.

In short, all schools in Bangalore including those of Sarjapur make it a mission to produce the best individuals for the country and the globe and thereby shape the rosy future of the world at length.

Payment Of Education Cess From Credit Of Basic Excise Duty

Sometime Credit in the account of one or more heads of Excise duty i.e Cenvat, Education Cess & SHE Cess has been piled up due to various reasons. Now the question is whether payment of one head can be done from the Cenvat credit lying unutilized in Account of other head.

The answer of the above question is given in Rule 3 of Cenvat Credit Rule 2004. As per Proviso to Rule 3(7) (b) of Cenvat Credit Rule 2004 which are produced below there is a restriction regarding use of Cenvat Credit of Education Cess & Secondary Education Cess for payment of only Education Cess & Secondary Education Cess but there is no vice versa restriction which means that Cenvat Credit of Education Cess & Secodary Education Cess can be used for payment of Education Cess & Secondary Education Cess only, no cross adjustment is possible in this case.

Proviso to Rule 3(7) (b) of Cenvat Credit Rule 2004

Cenvat credit built up out of education cess can be utilized only for payment of education cess on excise duty and service tax. It can not be utilized for the payment of excise duty, service tax and secondary higher education cess.

Cenvat credit built up out of secondary higher education cess can be utilized only for payment of secondary Education cess on excise duty and service tax. It can not be utilized for the payment of excise duty, service tax and education cess.

As far as utilisation of Cenvat Credit of Basic Excise Duty is concerned there is no such clause which restricts the assessee from using the Cenvat Credit of Basic Excise Duty for payment of Education Cess & Secondary Education Cess. So if there is no restriction then Cenvat credit of Basic Excise Duty can be used for payment of Education Cess & Secondary Education Cess. In addition to this the same issue has been already decided in case of 2009 (233) ELT 0221 (Tri. – Ahmd.) Commissioner of Central Excise, Vapi Versus Donear Inds. Ltd. by holding that credit of Basic Excise duty can be utilized for payment of any duty of excise.

About Central Excise:-
Central Excise is a Governmental body which is run by the Central Board of Excise and Customs. Central Government under the authority of Entry 84 of the Union List (List 1) under Seventh Schedule read with Articles 268 to 281 of the Constitution of India.
Central excise duty is the tax levied by central government on goods manufactured in India & custom duty is levied on goods imported from other countries.

The Good Points Of Studying Online

Man, throughout the times has greatly evolved in diverse areas of technology. From the lowest known tool ever used by man to the modern equipment and systems used by society today.

Certain areas were served well with the technical innovations and communications was one of them. Together with the internet, it has grown rapidly into what we are presently using. People from different walks of life can now talk to each other and do other things via the internet.

Lots of schools have actually capitalized on this fact. They thought that education is needed by most people but many of them do not have the time to go to campus physically. So now, lots of schools and colleges have implemented online schooling.

This has presented a perfect opportunity for those people who wanted an education. Stay-at-home moms, busy dads and the other people who are eager to get an education through online schooling. It is a nice way for them to have an education and land a pretty decent job after finishing the course.

With the popularity of online education growing every year, many schools are now providing the services to interested people. Because of the many benefits that online schooling present, schools have seen this as a wonderful opportunity to extend their services to interested individuals.

So what really are the benefits of online education and what are the advantages you will get from having your schooling online? Here are some:

1.Flexibility. Most school programs enable students to finish their homework anytime of the day and still conform to deadlines. This makes you more flexible that a classroom based setup cannot offer.

2.Convenience. You, rushing through the day will not be an issue with online schooling as the lectures are done through the internet. This is one of the greatest advantage that on line schooling presents. You can schedule the time that best suits your situation.

3.Inexpensive. Generally, the tuition cost is lower than campus-based schooling because you do not need to pay for other miscellaneous fees. Plus, you don’t have to physically attend classes in school campus as the lectures for your course are accessed online. This would result to a drastically reduced or no commuting on your part. This means you have money left in your pocket because you save lots on tuition and travel cost if you do schooling online.

4.Effectiveness. As you have access to diverse forms of course lectures, it could be audio or video or even presentations, the learning process is largely improved thus more effective education. You will get study materials easily through the internet. There is no more rushing through and taking notes as in classroom based schooling. You can now concentrate in understanding and absorbing your course materials.

These are the areas that give online education advantage over campus-based schooling. You will discover a lot more once you progress through your studies. If you are thinking of getting a degree but do not have the time to do campus-based schooling, it would be worth your while to look for schools that provide courses online. It could be the smartest and most worthwhile decision that you could do to improve your family’s future.

You can refer to this site -> on line schooling for further info about on line schooling.

How To Add Physical Education To Early Childhood Lesson Plans

Did you know little bodies need exercise too? Although it seems unlikely that your child ever really sits still, a recent statistic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that about 14% of children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old were overweight due to being too sedentary. Thats more than double the 5% of children overweight in the 1970s. Just like with older children, your little one needs encouragement to get out and play!

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education suggests the following fitness guidelines for young children. Your preschool child aged 3 to 5 years old should spend at least 60 minutes a day on structured physical activities; at least 60 minutes a day on unstructured physical activities; and no more than 60 minutes engaged in a sedentary activities (unless she is sleeping).

How to Add Physical Activity:

Adding structured physical activities helps small children develop motor skills, important for every day living. Develop your childs movements by teaching him how to run, throw, catch, kick, and so forth. Just think, you would never give him a book and expect him to learn how to read. Dont expect your child to go out and play and figure these motor skills on his own. Teach him how to perform each action, give positive feedback, and give them many opportunities to practice. You are your childs best role model, so spend time playing with him everyday. Encourage your little one with simple phrases like You caught that really well! or That was a good kick.

Use age-appropriate toys and equipment, and always practice safety around your young learner. If you enroll your child in a formal class, first ensure that it is age appropriate according to your childs developmental level. Team activities should not be introduced until your child has grasped the concept and has patience to wait for his turn.

Physical Activities to Try:

Here are a few physical education activities to add to your early childhood lesson plans:

Tag or chase: add variety by hopping, dancing, jumping, or waddling.

Catch or kickball: try many different sizes and textures.

Riding a scooter or tricycle

Obstacle course: make a course out of chairs, cushions, tables, hoops, and so on.

Swimming or water play such as sprinklers, hoses, or wadding pools

Building a cardboard house or crawling through a cardboard tunnel

Dancing and singing: add fun feathers, ribbons, or cloth to make it interesting.

Adding physical education to your early childhood lesson plans doesnt have to be hard! With a little creativity and imagination, you can make physical activity seem like playing to your child. Help your child grow up healthy and happy! Enrich his life with joyful learning experiences that you can easily turn into P.E. time. Remember to add variety to your early childhood lesson plans. Physical activities should be fun!

Planning Engineer Training Course Free

A planner has one of the almost significant assignments in construction projects. schedulers are liable for being sure that the project will be concluded as per project management approach deadlines. Planners should wage hike any potential risks before it occurs and guide the whole crew through the project various periods./p>

Main skills needed for a scheduler:

Warm structure background is needed to Understanding the scope of the project and discover the actions and activities dependence. This expertise could be accumulated by working as a Site Engineer for a period of time or by monitoring and observing the work progress.

Project Management Information: Planner should be informed about project management terms and approaches such as EVM (Earned value Management), CPM (Critical Path Method) etc, a PMP (Project Management Professional Certificate) will handle this level.

Pc literate: Scheduler need to recognize how to practice the planning techniques via software packageand Making graphic assists to help clarify the schedule of piece of work. primavera software, MicrosoftExcel are essential tools, Additional help tools may be Ms powerpoint, Cad and Photo shop.

Care to details: Reliability is the main primary of Planners operates, The main variation in between productive scheduler and some other (fail) planning engineer is pay attention to information, Engineering good sense and data investigation and filter. Schedulers are interacting with huge quantity of information every day, However they should discover what this info effort to claim and not just passing them to others.

Communication and interpersonal knowledge: Schedulers are key player in a building project, They talk almost with the entire project staff, attend difference conferences with diverse parties and make lot of reports. Thus Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential.

Principal Planner Duties:

Basically the Planner should set up a strategy to complete the works in time and within budget. This plan cannot be completed by Scheduler solely, Nevertheless the planner responsibility is to co-ordinate with all project group and obtain pieces of info from diverse parties and put them all together on one usable project management program.

Knowing the scope of the task.

Pinpointing the greatest sequence of occasions in the correct order for the project to end on period and on budget

Presenting the programme of work to others in the companyand the client firm required with the project

Creating detailedyet simpleto recognize schedules and graphs

Producing visible aids to help describe the programme of work, including bar chart and network diagrams

Applying expert pc software to support keep the project on course

Overseeing the improvement of the project at unique stages of its advancement

Ensuring the achieved advance on the project satisfies the progress awaited in the programme

Retaining in contact with the project manager

Producing modifications to schedules if required

Liaising with individuals on the project (who may be in another country) via online conference

Supplying advice to persons engaged in the project

Making certain that all the separate elements of the project suit collectively and are working in the direction of a proper route

Look at right now the Planning Engineer Website, and begin mastering today. It is all totally free of charge and communicate all the Planning Engineer from all over the planet. Do not ignore to look at the preparing course for planning engineers as well at

VMC Pathshala comes to your home with e-learning

If you are fed up of sending your kids for tuitions-here is some good news. VMC Pathshala now offers the entire Maharashtra State Board syllabus in both English and Marathi mediums– to make first class learning easy and fun. So say goodbye to tuitions and hello to your kid’s new Virtual tutor. VMC Pathshala product is designed for students of 1st to 10th Std. of SSC and CBSE Board for their studies in audio visual form. This product includes different DVDs of each standard separately. Each standard DVD is inclusive of all subjects covering whole syllabus for a particular year. VMC Pathshala is available in Marathi, English and Semi-English Medium.

E-learning is offering a new dimension to studying with more fun so that the process of learning not only offers education but also the boredom from it is taken out altogether. Online learning courses offered by VMC Pathshala are very dynamic, easy to use basis. This means that a student can switch to the lessons whenever he/she feels like it; at their convenience and speed. Due to the high internet speed and the general fast paced nature of today’s young learners, it is imperative that the education process also offers the suitability and flexibility that surrounds the all round growth of the student. Since the course is in audio-visual form, designed by eminent experts from the field of education, this course work offers the chance for the students be interactive with their lessons and understand the fundamentals easily.

As we all know, out of our 5 senses, the most powerful sense for storing information in to our brain is Vision Power. It helps storing 80% of the information in the brain through eyes. One can easily recollect a memorable situation or an incident or a story of a movie which he has seen long back. Similarly a student when learns a particular subject through VMC Pathshala , it gets fixed in his brain as it is in picture form. Children are very fond of cartoons, pictures, movies etc. Based on the same concept, VMC pathshala is designed in such a way that a child not only develops his interest towards studies but also spends more time for the same. When he watches Pathshala DVD, he only concentrates on the study given in the DVD due to its world class animation and pictorial effects.

Practical e-learning is best for a student to become a master of a particular subject. But if we see the ratio of number of students and teachers available to them, then we can conclude that it is hardly possible for a teacher to pay individual attention to each student and help him for the improvement. The audio-visual form of studies solves this problem and promotes individual and independent learning.

VMC also offers the flexibility that after purchasing of the product provides after sales service for 1 year in which if the syllabus gets changed then that will be replaced within the time frame. So now, VMC Pathshala comes to your homes to offers new, exciting learning solutions on an array of subjects with the added benefits of time saving, flexibility and fun learning. Now your children will look forward to their studies with renewed eager every time they are called into it. Enjoy education. Adapt VMC e-learning.