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Education Loans in India for Studying Abroad

The Education Loans in India for Studying Abroad is a good choice for students who do have sufficient money to pay full term fee. With the help of different education loan schemes many Indian nationals are acquiring higher education in India and all around the world. There are different banks offering education loans in India for studying abroad. The Indian banking system started giving loans to students from the year 2001 and later on there were many changes that came into existence as the Government decided to grant loans only for the deserved candidates.

Students are also utilizing this opportunity in a well manner and paying back the loan in installments after their earnings start. This is a good idea and system to achieve ones desire and aim. With the help of banking sector, every year thousands of students are acquiring higher education which they cannot even study without that much money. Now let us see the best education loans in India for doing MBA in India, Distance Learning Education in India as well as study abroad. Firstly let us look at the SBI education loan.

The State Bank of India Student Loan scheme is eligible to the courses in India and abroad. The eligible educational courses in India are Bachelors degree, Masters degree, MBA Courses and diploma courses held by different colleges or universities which are approved by Government or IMC or AICTE or UGC. And also diplomas and degrees organized under autonomous institute. The education loan is also for teacher and nursing trainings certified by State or Central Govt. And the other fields like pilot, aeronautical and shipping diploma courses accepted by the Director General of Civil Aviation or Shipping. There is a separate educational loan scheme for vocational courses or programs.

The eligible courses for abroad are MS, Masters of Computer Applications and Master of Business Applications which are conducted by famous Universities and other job oriented courses. The loan is covered for the college, hostel, Exam, books collection, lab equipment and other purchasing stuff for the specific program. And also for the travelling, transport and project work expenses. The loan amount granted for education program in India is around Rs. 10 Lacs and abroad it is around Rs. 30 lakhs. State Bank of India is offering one of the best education loans in India. About the education loans in India interest rates especially in SBI, they don’t charge you for processing the loan but initially you will have to pay Rs. 5000 and it is adjusted later. And the best education loans in India from other banks are HDFC, Indian Overseas Bank and IDBI. Some banks grant 20 lakhs and some allow 30 lakhs for foreign education. And it is good to check each bank’s interest and the requirements that they need from you like your personal and property details. Get all the stuff you need to submit and check them all before you submit so that you will not be missed anything at the time of submission. Take suggestions about the bank loans from the experienced individuals and apply to the bank loan. All the best! visit this link

Questions Before Enrolling In A Truck Driving School

Do you want to become a truck driver? Or you need a good truck driving education or training in order to land a god job in the future? The truck driving school will prepare you for the rigorous job of being a professional truck driver. Through a careful training, you will be able to acquire the skills and the knowledge that will keep you safe in the road and be a good truck driver.

However, before you choose a quality truck driving school that will help you carve out your dream of becoming a good truck driver in the future, you should answer the four important questions. These four questions will guide you on how to choose a good truck driving school that will help you prepare for your future job.

1.How much does the program cost?

Unlike the normal and ordinary driving education program, truck driving education is meant to help a person land a good and stable job. It can be considered as vocational courses that will help a person land a good job in the future. As such, you also need to expect that the payment or fees that will be incurred in getting the driving education is also higher.

Ask around for the truck driving school that can give you a lower cost. You may search in your area or use the internet to find a good driving school that offers a truck driving education at an affordable price. On the other hand, you may also ask if the truck driving school is duly approved and accredited to become eligible to enjoy the financial assistance from the government.

2.How will you be trained?

Learning is not just about getting it all. There must be a specific scope and sequence that must be followed and there must be a specific system that should be considered. Mainly, you will get a good discussion of the theories, tips, techniques, and other subjects matters within the classroom level. Most driving educations would give more number of hours for the discussion.
After getting the discussions in the classroom, the truck driving education will handle the behind-the-wheel lessons. It is the training period of the things and matters you have learned in the classroom.

3.How much rate you have for success?

It is essential to know the success rate of the program or the driving school itself. If the success rate of the truck driving school is high, you have the higher probability of passing the CDL examinations that will be required by the state. In the same manner, the success rate will tell the employability that you have against others in the market.

4.How can the truck driving school help you to land a job?

Another important matter that you should bear in mind is the rate of getting a job. A driving school may maintain a direct connection with truck driving companies operating in your area. You may ask the help of the truck driving school to help you carve a good job in the future.

Making the right choice of the truck driving school for the driving education may tell the success that you will have in the future.

Gandhi’s Views On Education

By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man – body, mind and spirit. Literacy is not the end of education nor even the beginning. It is only one of the means whereby man and woman can be educated. Literacy in itself is no education. I would therefore begin the child’s education by teaching it a useful handicraft and enabling it to produce from the moment it begins its training.

I hold that the highest development of the mind and the soul is possible under such a system of education. Only every handicraft has to be taught not merely mechanically as is done today but scientifically, i.e., the child should know the why and the wherefore of every process. I am not writing this without some confidence, because it has the backing of experience. This method is being adopted more or less completely wherever spinning is being taught to workers.

I have myself taught sandal-making and even spinning on these lines with good results. This method does not exclude a knowledge of history and geography. But I find that this is best taught by transmitting such general information by word of mouth. One imparts ten times as much in this manner as by reading and writing. The signs of the alphabet may be taught later when the pupil has learnt to distinguish wheat from chaff and when he has somewhat developed his or her tastes.

This is a revolutionary proposal, but it saves immense labour and enables a student to acquire in one year what he may take much longer to learn. This means all round economy. Of course, the pupil learns mathematics whilst he is learning his handicraft.

Given the right kind of teachers, our children will be taught the dignity of labour and learn to regard it as an integral part and means of their intellectual growth, and to realize that it is patriotic to pay for their training through their labour. The core of my suggestion is that handicrafts are to be taught, not merely for productive work, but for developing the intellect of the pupils.

Surely, if the State takes charge of the children between seven and fourteen, and trains their bodies and minds through productive labour, the public schools must be frauds and teachers idiots, if they cannot become self-supporting.

We have up to now concentrated on stuffing childrens minds with all kinds of information, without ever thinking of stimulating and developing them. Let us now cry a halt and concentrate on educating the child properly through manual work, not as a side activity, but as the prime means of intellectual training…

You have to train the boys in one occupation or another. Around this special occupation you will train up his mind, his body, his handwriting, his artistic sense, and so on. He will be a master of the craft he learns.

Literary training by itself adds not an inch to one’s moral height and that character building is independent of literary training. Let the students realize that learning without courage is like a waxen statuebeautiful to look at but bound to melt at the least touch of a hot substance.

Music should form part of the syllabus of primary education. I heartily endorse this proposition. The modulation of voice is as necessary as the training of the hand. Physical drill, handicrafts, drawing and music should go hand in hand in order to draw the best out of the boys and girls and create in them real interest in their tuition.

A wise parent allows the children to make mistakes. It is good for them once in a while to burn their fingers.

Gandhi had great clarity on education, as he had on several other areas. Are his ideas still relevant? Should we fundamentally rethink education and make it more appropriate to the context rural or urban? Do share your thoughts in this regard.

Greycells Appoints Dr. Shashikant D. Karnik, Former Vice Chancellor, University Of Mumbai

In its quest to increase the course offerings and strategic associations, Greycells has recently appointed Dr. Shashikant D. Karnik, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai as Senior Advisor Academics.

Dr. Karnik is a veritable powerhouse in the Education Fraternity and it is a matter of great pride to
receive his consent to be on the board of Greycells Ent Ltd & to grow the brand EMDI. In an academic and research career spanning 45 years, Dr. Karnik has travelled the globe extensively, teaching and guiding students and researchers, studying rare documents and representing India at various conferences. He has consulted various knowledge depositories like the India Office Library (London) and the Library of Congress (Washington D.C.).

Dr. Karnik has been the recipient of a number of awards, notably the Priyadarshini Excellent Educationist Awards 1993 in Mumbai. He is a reputed historian and researcher of Medieval Modern History of India with a special interest in Arabian Gulf Studies. He has in-depth knowledge of sources, documents and books preserved in the Bombay Archives, Asiatic Society of Bombay, Bombay Natural History Society and other institutional libraries. As the Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai, Dr. Karnik participated in the Commonwealth Universities Vice Chancellors Conference.

Before his retirement from the academic and administrative arena, he has also held an important position as a member of the Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi.

On an international level, Dr. Karnik has also been visiting the UAE and assisting Arab scholars in their pursuit of higher education and research in Scientific Historiography. He has worked in close association with the late Dr. Mohammed Morsay Abdullah, then Director Documentation Centre, Abu Dhabi and has also visited universities and research centres in Oman, Qatar and Iraq. Currently, Dr. Karnik is involved as a consultant with Dr. Sheikh Sultan Centre of Gulf Studies (Sharjah, UAE).

Greycells is confident that keeping in mind their growth strategy, across various verticals and country markets, Dr. Karniks expert guidance and wealth of knowledge will open new doors and ensure that Greycells achieves its dream of being one of the worldss best training institutes.

About Greycells

Greycells Ent. Ltd is a listed entity on the Bombay Stock Exchange in the field of Education and Training. The company is promoted by Mr. Sanjiv Chainani, Ms.Bela Desai and M/s Value Line Advisors Pvt. Ltd & Group. Its core business consists of running the EMDI Institute of Media & Communication a vocational training institute based in India and Dubai. Greycells intends on leveraging the EMDI brand to expand its business in new territories domestically as well as internationally. It is also actively looking at various other ventures in the training, consultancy and education space.

EMDI Institute of Media & Communication over the last 7 years has become a name synonymous with quality and professional vocational training in India and the Middle East. The Institute delivers UK accredited courses across the breadth of the creative & entertainment space – in Event Management, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism and Design amongst others. EMDI currently trains over 1000 students each year across its centres in India (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkatta) and the Middle East thru a mix of part time and full time programmes.

Bachelor Of Hotel Management Courses From Manipal University

In view the ever-growing need for professionally trained resources with requisite experience by the fast-growing hospitality industry, the Manipal Academy of Higher Education established its college for Hotel Management studies in October 1986 as a unit for Dr. TMA Pai foundation. In August 1986, the Foundation joined hands with the hotels division of ITC Limited, operating under the brand name of WELCOMGROUP, a progressive hotel chain having linkages with the Starwood Company of USA. The institution thereby got to be known as the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, (in Short WGSHA) In July 2003, WGSHA became a constituent college of Manipal University.
ITC HOTELS with over 100 properties in 80 destinations and 4 brands, namely, the Luxury Collection, WelcomHotel – Sheraton, Fortune Hotels and WelcomHeritage stands out to be the most progressive of all hotel chains in the sub-continent.
A pioneer in Hospitality education, WGSHA, Manipal is the first college in the country to offer a Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management. The institute celebrated its Silver anniversary on 28th October 2011.
To mould young men and women into competent and responsible professionals with pleasing personalities who would, with requisite experience, become leaders in the hospitality industry.
Keeping in view the real need for professionally trained personnel by the fast growing hospitality industry, Manipal established the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA). In August 1987, the Dr. TMA Pai Foundation joined hands with Welcomgroup, the hotel division of ITC Ltd. (a leading corporate sector organisation), to set up the institute in October 1986.
Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration offers several courses:
1.Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
2.Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) Lateral entry
3.Diploma in Hotel Management Catering Technology (DHMCT)
Fee Structure:
The course fees given in the table above is tentative. The final fee will be determined on the basis of recommendations of a committee of experts.

(1): The course fees and registration fees should be paid by a single demand draft drawn in favour of Manipal University.

(2): Fee remittance – General category students: The demand draft must be payable at Manipal or Udupi . Demand drafts must be crossed and Payees A/C only.

(3): All candidates must pay the fees at the time of counselling/admission. Failure to pay the fees on or before the date(s) specified will result in the instantaneous forfeiture of the seat as well as any fees already paid. Course fees for the subsequent years must be remitted on or before the due date notified by the university.
Lab Kitchen Bakery:
There are three lab kitchens and bakery that are carefully designed to meet the specialised training needs of our students. All of our facilities are equipped with industry standard equipment.
Basic Training Kitchen (BTK) with 25 workstations
Quantity Training Kitchen (QTK) with 25 workstations
Advance Training Kitchen (ATK) with 25 workstations
Bakery training lab with 8 works stations
Additionally students receive hands-on experience in the hotel kitchen and hotel bakery.

Computer Lab:
The computer lab has 33 Personal Computers with the latest configurations having MS Office, Hotel Information Systems, Visual Basic and some DTP software. Besides class work, students use the computer lab for club activities. The faculty members are provided with individual laptops.
Front Office Training Lab:
The Front Office Training Lab is used for training students in all operational aspects of the Front Office. This includes Room Reservation, Registration, Guest Relations, Telephones, Cashiering, Guest Accounting, Revenue Management etc. The college has installed Software like Fidelio for computerised Front Office operations.
Welcomgroup is a progressive hotel chain having linkage to Starwood Company of USA. They have produced the top two brands namely Luxury Collections and Sheraton. WGSHAs training and development activities are recognised by the International Hotel Association, Paris. From July 2003, it has become a constituent college of Manipal University.
The college has been securing a majority of the top university rankings over the years. Graduates have found positions in hotel chains (Welcomgroup, Taj, Leela, Holiday Inn, LeMridien), airlines (KLM, British Airways, Gulf Air, Singapore Airlines), travel agencies (Sita travels, Thomas Cook) and other organisations such as Citibank, Blue Dart Couriers, GE Capital and International Services.
WGSHA has been ranked as the premire Hotel Management institute in India. With the professional backing of ITC- Welcomgroup, and the long-standing reputation of Manipal University, along with its 25 years of experience, makes WGSHA the first choice for students pursuing a course in Hotel Management. The faculty members are well-versed in their specialised fields, have the relevant industry experience and have the required teaching experience.
The college has a running 70-room Fortune Brand, Hotel for the students’ on-the-job training experience. It has three kitchen labs, bakery confectionery, butchery and garde-manger rooms. It also includes housekeeping and front-office labs, an audio-visual room, a vast library, P-G Faculty Research Cell, a computer lab and hostels with recreational and dining facilities.

Latest Trends Of Online Education Mode Of Study

In an age where everything is performed via computers, in an age which is the computer age where people worship the internet, it should not come as a surprise that education is now accessible online. The online education courses offer a variety of online education degrees in a large number of online education colleges, in almost every country in todays date.

There are multitudes of students who have not been able to pursue their education due to reasons which inhibit them from attending classroom education. For some, there is peer pressure and the fear of being mocked at. For others, there is an economical issue. For others, it has been circumstantial that they had to drop out of school. But with the help of online education courses, they can complete their education now.

For those of you who are afraid of leaving the professional field, these online education degrees come as a boon. One need not leave their jobs. They can thrive in their work fields along with pursuing online degree courses.
Online degree courses offered by various accredited colleges are accepted everywhere and their credibility are thus reliable. However, a student must perform a background check on the online education college before enrolling into one.

From the elementary high school diploma, to a graduation, to post graduation and doctorate: the online colleges offer degree at every educational platform.

The disciplines in which several online education courses are being offered are:
oCommunication & Media
oEngineering & Technology
oHealth & Clinical Research
oLegal & Paralegal
oLiberal Arts & Humanities
oSocial Services & Political Sciences
oTravel & Management

The online degree courses one can opt for are those of: Diploma, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral.
The online management courses are a craze and are as much in demand as was Michael Jackson. Since the market requires marketing professionals, investing in an online management course will reap a large scale benefit and boost your career as well. Climbing up the ladder of education is always a benefit.

The accreditation of the university must be thoroughly followed up because online, there are a lot of universities which promise things but do not accomplish those things.

The online education provides flexibility and malleability of schedule. This naturally eases the mind of the tension and thus helps focus on education primarily. The schedule can be fixed according to the students timings. Complete class like experience, without the drawbacks of the real classroom is availed in the online education facility. Certain online education colleges and universities also provide face to face doubt clearing classes for students which are very helpful for them.

Online education has come as a blessing for those who have always wanted to study higher, but couldnt have, because of some or the other excuses. Now, none of the excuse will work, because these online education degrees are so convenient and flexible.

Edutainment The Innovative Mix Of Education And Entertainment

Working hard and playing hard are both equally at the same time. This applies to adults as well as our kids.

In this day and age, our fast paced lifestyle means we are constantly forced to multi-task. As such, our attention span on a single task is greatly decreased. Time is also always a rushing factor because there’s just so much to do in so little time!

This fast-paced lifestyle has shortened our kids’ attention span even more and educators are always looking for new and effective ways to reach out to students.

One approach is creating the right mix of education with entertainment and presenting it to the kids; in the form of edutainment.

What is edutainment? What does it do? How does it work? Believe it or not, edutainment is not an entirely new concept. Here’s a simple example of an edutainment activity:

Remember when you were a kid going on school excursions? Instead of spending the day in a classroom, you and your friends took a trip to a farm, the zoo or a discovery centre. You got to see, feel, listen and learn about something new. You might have even watched a skit put up to spread an important message. It made you feel excited about learning. It was even fun!

That’s edutainment!

The term “edutainment” is not new. In fact it comes from the computer industry. It is used to describe CD-ROM programs mainly designed for educating children but also has a fun entertainment aspect to it.

As you can see, edutainment is not restricted to just one form. A school excursion, a computer game, watching a puppet show or even a film can be used as edutainment. TV shows such as Dora the Explorer or the evergreen Sesame Street are great examples of popular edutainment programs.
Edutainment allows children to learn through play. The key thing about edutainment is that it allows children to learn through leisure or play activities. Children naturally want to explore and manipulate their environment to make their own discoveries.

Studies into early childhood development have shown that children at preschool level learn best through their own play activities rather than in a structured setting, such as school classes. As such, many pre-schools are aware that open-ended play is in fact the best approach for children to learn and develop socially, physically and mentally.

Parents and educators can practice edutainment at home and in school by ‘sneaking in’ entertainment or fun into teachings. This can be the form of creating skits, role playing, solving fun puzzles or infusing songs and dance into a lesson.

Edutainment on Stage

One form of edutainment is live stage shows that help to spread positive messages in a fun way. Key messages are customized or incorporated into stage performances that often use creative mediums and interactive tools.

Many multi-national corporations and organizations today are also using edutainment on stage as a tool to spread a positive message to young students. Professional production companies are engaged to create creative shows that are effective and help reach objectives. For example in Singapore, the Health Promotion Board utilized two custom-created puppet & magic shows to spread the importance of good dental hygiene and harmful effects of smoking. The Fire Safety Prevention Council also commissioned a puppet show to highlight to students the importance of fire safety and prevention.

If you are an educator, parent or organization looking to instill positive values or communicate an important message to children, consider edutainment as an innovative approach.

Tips to Crack SSC CGL 2014 Exam in First Attempt

When you all know, the SSC CGL 2014 official notification is out now, and all you want to do is just to utilize for the exam and start preparation for the particular SSC CGL 2014. You can get study material intended for SSC CGL 2014 here and also other updates like examination syllabus, exam consequence, exam papers are actually updated on unique sites.

There are many candidates are likely to apply for the particular SSC CGL this holiday season and the reason you should be careful why taking the SSC CGL 2014 examination as now other sellers is quite high and you must prepare well. Consequently, here is the a lot of the tips for the particular SSC CGL 2014 examination aspirants.

First thing you want to do is the successful registration on the SSC CGL 2014 Quiz. As you just about all know, that the registration phase is pretty tough in the particular SSC CGL. Because the official website always decrease from SSC area. And the purpose, most of the particular aspirants remain devoid of registration. Don’ wait going back date of SSC CGL. Apply prior to last date associated with registration.

Next thing you want to do is buy planning books for SSC CGL 2014. Without books you will not going to get the preparation done. You should purchase Best Books intended for SSC CGL 2014 and start preparation right now for the SSC CGL 2014 examination. There are many books come in market but only few provides you with good result and this best books usually are listed there.Reading according to Exam Syllabus of SSC CGL from Book will benefit a lot.

Next thing you want to do is get the past exam papers associated with SSC CGL. Because past examination papers are best way to get the assumption and idea around the difficulty level on the questions in cgl examination, about the exams and also the subject wise issues. So, get all of the Exam papers ssc cgl and start preparation for the particular exams.

Next thing you want to do is make an occasion table for the particular preparation. Yes, time table for preparation is pretty necessary for the particular every exam aspirants when you must aware of that time period limit for the particular preparation, if you never know then you need to can not prepare well for the exam. so, go and generate time table for every single subject, and abide by it. yes, stick for it, thats also necessary that you stick to a single plan and moment table. running form one plan to next is also time wasting.

Now, you are doing good thing, now you all should want to do is the revision on the preparation. keep revise yourself with all the study plan, with study you need to do on daily schedule. If you don’t practice it, you will not really gonna remember around the every 2nd thing you just read. So, revision is usually compulsory. You will use past exam papers for the revision thing. Consequently, start your planning and revise you self after looking at each chapter.

In the exam hall, you must keep yourself Calm and also have patients regarding the particular answering each question. Don’ run in hurry and do not answer each in addition to every question, if you feel its time taking in question then remaining it unanswered and move on. Remember about the particular negative marking also. All the best: )

Should Children Of Different Abilities Be Educated Together Or Separately

Nowadays, there are two different opinions about the issue whether children with diverse abilities should be educated together or not. Some people think that they should be educated together because it benefits everyone. On the other hand, some hold the view that intelligent children should be taught separately and given special treatment. Both of the two sides are possessing their own arguments. In my opinion, I think children should be educated together, whose advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

To begin with, it’s of great value to teach children together. Only in this case, can the children grow up in a nature environment. If you separate the children into different groups and told the low-ability children why they are separated, it is unhealthy for those children to develop their character. After a long time, there must be psychological impediments to children growth.

Secondly, children of different abilities can share their experience with others and learn from one other when they are educated together. Children of various abilities and interests being educated together can create more opportunities to learn about themselves and other children. When they understand themselves and others, it’s better from them to be aware of their own defects and merits, they may try to eliminate the defects and strengthen the merits by learning from others. Undoubtedly, this helps children to grow.

In addition, learn together, children can become more cooperated and learn to get well with others. When children of different abilities work together to face a challenge, they learn to negotiate, to compromise and to reach agreement. There are all useful communicative skills for their future life.

Finally, mixed education can promote all-round development of children’s characters, while on the contrary, separate education may probably end up hindering their potential development in the future. Because one’s talent in different fields is not the same level, with mixed education, children’s talent can be developed in an integrated way.

To sum up, I think it is better to teach children of different abilities together. It helps the children to understand each other’s strengths and shortcomings, to develop their social skills, and to promote the development of their whole potential. Even though separate education may be more efficient in addressing each individual’s strength, its risk of possibly depriving the child of his potentials is so severe that it is just unacceptable.

Selling Through Education

The role that I play at my company, Pinnacle Equity Solutions, is truly unique. Every day I get to speak with top advisors from around the country on the topic of exit planning. This is particularly exciting as we all recognize how new this industry is and what great opportunities there are to provide leadership in local markets and with business owner clients.

One of the most interesting topics that I find myself discussing is the concept of ‘selling through education’. Aside from the general comments above about the changing marketplace that we all are in, the fact remains that ‘exit planning’ is a relatively new concept as the industry is still emerging. Accordingly, I see many advisors and institutions promoting ‘exit planning’ without a true awareness of what ‘exit planning’ really is. Moreover, I am left with the steady awareness that most business owners do not know, exactly, why an exit plan is critical to their lives.

It is each advisor’s individual responsibility to educate this marketplace on this topic and to do so in a way that serves the business owner’s best interests, while also building revenue and profitability for that advisor.

How then, in this changing marketplace, can this new service be explained and delivered?

We begin by recognizing that nowadays – no matter what product or service we are selling – our potential (or existing) clients and customers are very busy. This economy has the best of business people questioning their every decision and considering each purchase they make with the perceived and immediate importance of it in their lives today. From a practice management perspective, this makes our lives more challenging, but, at the same time, creates an amazing opportunity if you have the ability to educate your client as part of your marketing and sales process.

Almost every coaching student that I work with is redefining their message to the market. I strongly encourage each advisor to write a Special Report – or a short White Paper – that describes who they are, what they do, the market that they serve, and the reason why the work that they do is so important to their clients.

Why is this so key?

Because consumers are more discriminating than ever before and we need to reach out to them to tell them our story. In addition, because everyone appears to be so busy, it is important to put information in front of them that they can review, on their own schedule, to learn more about you, what you are offering, and why it is relevant/essential to their lives right now.

The greatest extension of this practice, for me, has been the Exiting Your Business book that I wrote last year. As more and more business owners and advisors read through the book, they are drawn to the message in this book. This, in turn, draws them to Pinnacle’s business. And, the key point here is that when they do contact Pinnacle’s office, they already know what we do, why we do it, and the immediate importance that it has in their lives. This really helps with the sales process, i.e. selling through education and attracting customers and clients (in our case, Members) who are ‘prequalified’ with their interest in our services.

POINT: People that you want to do business with will actually read what you have to say and will evaluate their buying decision without you ‘selling’ them – you are educating them on the relevant and immediate importance of what you do so that they can apply it to their lives today. These potential customers and clients can understand your view of the world before you meet them in person or over the phone. So, when you do meet with them you are not trying to explain your value proposition in a time-compressed manner. Rather, the meeting becomes a process of verification of what you do instead of a discussion about discovering what it is that you do. Again, people / business owners are short on time today – so, we adjust our process to meet the marketplace.

This process of increased communication therefore begs a logical question that every advisor needs to ask themselves in this market. Namely ‘what VALUE am I bringing to the client / prospect that I am currently talking to?’

On a recent call with an advisor interested in Pinnacle’s process I asked the following questions –

‘when you talk business owners, what value do you feel you are bringing to the conversation?’ and

‘what differentiates your practice in their eyes and why should they do business with you?’

Ironically, even though I asked a direct question, I got an odd answer – she simply said ‘You’re right’.

The ‘you’re right’ answer was an admission that there was no value in the conversation with the business owner. In this world of increasing commoditization of services, this advisor admitted – to herself – that there was no value. Therefore, why would the business owner do business with her?

Seems crazy. But so is the world that we are living in.

Once you understand the value of what you offer – i.e. what you truly have to give to this client and the relationship, the work is far from over. You then need to educate your prospect / client on why this value is relevant to their current situation. Again, that process is ‘selling through education’.

When you are more focused on what you have to give to this client than what you can get from the relationship, things really begin to take shape. And that is the primary conversation that I have with each of my coaching students as we navigate this fast-changing world. And, as this emerging exit planning industry takes shape faster and faster, it is beholden upon each exit planner to understand and communicate exactly what exit planning is and why it will change the business owner’s life.

In summary, today’s consumer needs to be educated on your services and you need to understand the value of what you are offering. When you combine your message with the intention to find clients who value your service and will listen to your message, then you begin to attract to your practice those clients who are not only willing to pay you for your service, but are also much more enjoyable to do business with.

We need to change with this changing world. Selling through education is the first best step towards securing new clients in this highly opportunistic environment.

John M. Leonetti